How to write an essay?

Every literate has to pass through a phase where he needs to write essays. And if you are a beginner to writing, you might find essay writing difficult. Here learning the essay formats can help you. These formats follow a certain pile of rules which lead us to a better writing of essays.

Essay formats are of two types, APA format and MLA format. Both of these formats have different styles, depending upon the need the format should be chosen. APA style basically aims to provide the logical structure of ideas in the essay. Some writers often forget the basic principles of the format which needs to be followed. There is a certain set of quotations, way of summarizing, paraphrases and provide references. The author should have the credit by mentioning his name on the title page of the format. The logical formation of the ideas is the basic theme of the format. It needs to have the logical facts. The inclusion of citation is also necessary but without any period. The quotation marks should not be used except the stop at the end of the essay. The essay writing services also follow this pattern and only the professional ones, follow it completely.

Another type of essay format is MLA format. MLA stands for the Modern Language Association offer a set of rules and guidelines that needs to be followed. While writing essays or short articles, one must use Times New Roman 12 font. The matter also involves certain guidelines then at the end e list of books or the website needs to be added as reference via bibliography. Students looking for readymade essays must also ensure that the essays writing services are following these guidelines.

Now you have learnt the basics of essay formats so you can start writing.

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