Exploratory Essay Topic Ideas

How to write a perfect essay? Good question, and countless books, articles and sites are dedicated to solving this problem. Some of them give good advice, some – not all that good, but there are a few tips that are almost universal to all such works. Let’s take a look at them.

First of all, before you start working on your essay, write a rough outline of what you are … Read the rest

Exploratory Essays Samples – How It Helps in Making Exploratory Essay Writing Better?

Exploratory essays are fully different from the mass of academic writing. It is so because its very name assumes which you pass via unknown territory as well as should find out your own way in it. Speaking less symbolically, you start writing without knowing to what conclusions you will avail with. Generally, you have a point in the preliminary stage you should prove it in the essay. As far as … Read the rest

How to write an essay?

Every literate has to pass through a phase where he needs to write essays. And if you are a beginner to writing, you might find essay writing difficult. Here learning the essay formats can help you. These formats follow a certain pile of rules which lead us to a better writing of essays.

Essay formats are of two types, APA format and MLA format. Both of these formats have different … Read the rest

How to easily write a good thesis

An easily written thesis is achievable provided the content and the format is kept in mind. A thesis should have a topic. The topic of the thesis should be inspired by a question. Having identified a question one ought to have a central argument. A thesis should be able to provide a clear guide to the author’s argument. A thesis should be focused on a main idea. A candidate therefore … Read the rest

Hard time with chemistry? Solve it online!

Have you ever wondered why salt tastes salty? Why mercury is a liquid and at the same time, a metal? Or what makes rust? These questions are so hard to answer but with Chemistry we are able to find out. But aside from these questions are tons of calculations. This is the time when I need help with chemistry task.

It is fun to study chemistry especially when we … Read the rest

Tips to write an Exploratory Essay

The exploratory essay writing is based on exploration one has to do into a subject rather than trying to prove what he/she knows about it. More and more exploratory essay ideas would evolve when you go deep into the subject you wish to write on. You do not need to be more concerned about what you know about the subject and how to present accordingly. Rather, you can rely more … Read the rest

Research Paper Topics

An article review is sometimes known as an article critique. This is a type of writing that requires one to  read an article and then presenting your take on the contents of the article. The article review begins with citing the source of the article in custom review. In the first paragraph the article review should focus on the major highlights of the article. It should  summarize  the article … Read the rest

General Rules of Creating an Exploratory Essay Outline

The main purpose of generating an exploratory essay outline is to provide description for the key stages of exploratory essay type. If you take a look at any exploratory essay sample available on the net, you’ll make sure that exploratory essay outline is used to include facts about the table of contents, the structure and rules that the essay is written on the basis of.

If you carefully study any … Read the rest

Writing Article Review Essays

An article review essay is a document providing a summary of current and previous research done on a given topic. For example you may be assigned by your teacher to examine an article written by another writer. An article review helps the reader of the text or essay to determine the relevance of the whole article or essay. An article review should describe the content of the essay and try Read the rest

Writing a Thesis Proposal

Some students have difficulty writing a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a phrase which allows the reader of the paper to grasp what the entire paper will contain. Sometimes, thesis statements can be general. For example, one who say in their thesis statement that they wants to discuss how the vices in Dante’s Inferno are associated with the punishments the sinners receive. This thesis statement would allow the writer … Read the rest