Research Paper Topics

An article review is sometimes known as an article critique. This is a type of writing that requires one to  read an article and then presenting your take on the contents of the article. The article review begins with citing the source of the article in custom review. In the first paragraph the article review should focus on the major highlights of the article. It should  summarize  the article and should not include all the details of the paper. After the brief summary of the article an explanation of why the article under review is significant should be stated. Examples of questions that should be answered in this segment includes, what void in existing literature is filled? Is there any breakthrough information? The last segment of the article review should include some personal assessment and thought reflected on the article. Such as what gap is presented and if the article is clear.

Is there a need for more research paper topics covered? If the article review is for academic purposes, the instructor might require the writer to relate the article with personal experiences or what has been studied in the course.

It is important to note that an article review is not written in order to cover the contents of the paper but rather to present personal evaluation and how its effect on the field that  it is presented. For instance if the article is about early childhood, the article review should then incorporate the knowledge added in that field. After custom writing the article review it should be reread and all errors eliminated.

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