Writing Article Review Essays

An article review essay is a document providing a summary of current and previous research done on a given topic. For example you may be assigned by your teacher to examine an article written by another writer. An article review helps the reader of the text or essay to determine the relevance of the whole article or essay. An article review should describe the content of the essay and try to evaluate it so that any reader who has not read the material or article gets to quickly understand what the article is all about just by reading the article review. When writing an essay on any topic, an essay writer is normally required to search for materials from the library or online materials. Now, how does the writer determine if the material is useful or relevant to the assignment he is handling? The essay writer can only realize this by reading through the article review essay.

An article review essay normally identifies the author and the work, a summary of the whole work and finally an evaluation of the work. The outline of an article review includes: the title, the opening paragraph, the main body consisting of supporting paragraphs and a conclusion made by the writer. The conclusion of the article review should give recommendations as to the group or persons who are likely to enjoy reading the article. If the article review is a critique essay, the writer of the article essay must review the merits and the demerits of the articles. Supposing an article review on any given document or article was not available then many people would be spending more time reading through irrelevant materials.

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